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Our Custom Development Process

With betterU’s E-Templates you can easily create or adapt your learning content into an interactive and effective product. If you are hands-on and want to create your own content using our tools, we are here to guide and support you. If you are looking for a course development service, look no further. Our team will work with you while creating high quality online course content.

Over the last decade, betterU has been working to build solutions to help our clients produce high quality, dynamic and affordable online learning courses. Rapid development is important as the market changes and adapts to keep pace with advanced technologies and globalization. betterU understands what it takes to create beautiful and effective learning experiences and works with our clients by developing processes, models and resources to help fast track their online course development.  

To learn more about our efforts, take a look at this article created by betterU back in 2017

Streamlining Online Content Development for Emerging Markets

What it takes to Build a Course

Rapid development misunderstood

When creating and online course, there is an assumption that developing content is easy when using an authoring tool such as Articulate Storyline, Lectora, Captivate or something similar. Authoring tool companies market their products to appear seamless and easy but what is lost in their message is that you need to have the internal capabilities and capacity to be able to use the tool effectively. Course development is multi layered and requires more than a subscription to an authoring tool. If an organization does not have course developers with creative skills, design skills, technical skills, copywriting skills and more in order to properly advance course development, they will find themselves in a frustrating never-ending project. This is where we are helping our clients fast track development work by enabling you to focus on content and leave everything else to us.

The proper way to develop a course

The e-learning industry is continually redefining itself with the advancement of technologies, online learning techniques and learner expectations.  With several thousand software tools  available to organizations, it is easy to become lost trying to find the ‘right’ solution.  Staying at the forefront of these advancements requires constant assessment, reassessment, and understanding and defining e-learning processes, systems and the capabilities required from all project resources. This model dives into 4 levels of development.  1) Cost/Benefit Analysis, 2) Instructional Design Process, 3) Instructional Design Systems, and 4) Instructional Design Capabilities to develop a course.

E-Template Examples

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