Ready-To-Go is an AssessmentLearning Management and Skills Development platform that provides access to ready-made, customizable content that supports individualized learning development for WIL students and employees.  Our all-in-one skills development ecosystem is easy, affordable and Ready-To-Go.  
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Around the world, COVID-19 has transformed how education is accessed.

The global pandemic has resulted in a rush to purchase expensive learning systems, content subscriptions or authoring tools. Many do not realize the capabilities and capacity required to develop, implement and manage effective online learning solutions.  

This is why betterU has created an all-in-one platform to support all your needs today and tomorrow. 

No need to purchase or download new technology! 

We are in the cloud, so it is easy to access, use and grow.

betterU has made our solution easy to adopt so that your focus can be on developing better skilled people.

Don’t waste time and money on becoming a system expert, content developer or assessment provider.

Ready-To-Go provides you with the tools you need so you can move quickly to get better results.

Quality content is critical for effective online learning. Get access to our library of ready-made programs.

Skills development requires a lot of content in order to support multiple departments, skill levels and topics. 

We have partnered with educators around the world to provide our partners with access to exactly what they need, when they need it. 

Determining an individual’s skills gap is critical to being able to provide the right content. 

Most online educators only sell content. Unless they also know what each employee’s skills gaps are, buying from an online educator is ineffective and expensive.

Ready-To-Go has 1,000+ assessments included in our solution. We assess to determine core skills required, then assign courses to align with individualized development.

Multilingual content translation tools for all your international employees!

The Ready-To-Go platform can support multiple language requirements. We have developed a translation platform that converts learning content into the language you need to support all your employees. 

Develop once, translate, adjust, upload, and deploy!

Customize your own content with the support of our pre-developed e-learning

We understand that our clients may want to develop their own content. We provide the tools to help fast track professional course design and development. These tools include pre-developed, in-system, course e-templates as well as customized PowerPoint templates for over 20 industries. 

Each template is fully customizable and deloyable from within our Learning Management System.